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BMAK is a dealer auto auction that combines the best from conventional and online auto auctions with the best of customer service and technology. Learn About Us | Register Today!

BMAK Inspection Reports!

Our goal is to bring the auction to you by replicating the "kicking the tires" experience on your computer.

Bmak is just one of many US car auctions, but we stand apart in many ways. We are proud to have a unique and complimentary service. All of our vehicles are inspected by our ASE Certified Mechanics and posted online for purchase. By standardizing and streamlining the auction process we offer our customers an entirely different auto auction experience.

As an experienced auction company, founded in Illinois, we are humble to our roots. But we do know that to be the best Illinois car auction online system, we have to prove ourselves. By using technology to showcase our inventory we focus on the real condition of the vehicle. Our inspection report includes a test drive, interior and exterior checks as well as inspection of glass, tires and much more!

We are different from your typical auto auctions in Chicago. While we do host online auto auctions as well as lane auctions, as many other do, we provide a unique twist to your standard live and car auction online. By becoming a boutique auction and spending more time inspecting our vehicles we feel confident we have the best inspection reports in the industry.

We use technology to your advantage by using high definition pictures and a video walkthrough to get you a real sense of the actual condition of the vehicle.

Complimentary Auto Check Reports!

BMAK includes a complimentary Auto Check report with all auctioned vehicles! No one gives you more than BMAK!

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